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We develop solutions for alarm control panels in civil security systems. Remote communication is implemented with an FSK transmission system of encrypted codes over a switched network for user identification.

We also develop passive transponder readers with RFID technology and RS485 and/or serial/USB network interface. The implementation of a proprietary communication protocol enables the connection of multiple access-controlled units and achieves a maximum reading distance of 10 cm.


We design and develop systems for testing and certification of electrical safety, control and handling systems for electric vehicles, which implement a microprocessor-based electronic control system with an algorithm for obstacle detection using radar sensors.

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Sensori e Sistemi
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Sensors e Systems

In collaboration with the Departments of Electronics of the Universities of Salerno and Cassino and the MIUR, we contributed to the design of gsm wifi routers for scientific applications and studies.


Study activities and analysis of distortion reduction techniques have made it possible to consolidate a philosophy of designing audio equipment using digital codecs and to develop systems with different recording and compression formats to increase the quality and speed of transmission.

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In the field of vehicle security, we have developed GPS satellite tracking equipment The system, capable of transferring data to and from an operations centre, enables the analysis of routes taken and the localisation of the vehicle, making Fleet Management as well as security applications possible.

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