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About Us

Our story

Takius srl is an established, solid and reliable company

operating in the market for about 20 years, where hardware design is at the forefront. We provide cutting-edge solutions for the implementation of electronic systems for industry, telecommunications and infrastructure. We are a strategic partner for large companies in the industrial, military and consumer sectors. Our hardware department is able to follow all the production phases of a prototype, ranging from feasibility analysis to the realisation of the finished product. We provide support for the stages of product engineering, drafting of specifications, documentation, realisation of electronic boards and certifications in compliance with all industry regulations.

System design up to prototype and 0-series production is completely carried out by our team. We are reliable partners who guarantee high-quality board production. Our team also includes firmware specialists capable of developing in various embedded environments. Design and production activities are managed and documented according to a quality standard with proprietary or customer-supplied templates. We develop in a research and development area with multiple test and measurement instruments, an electronics laboratory and a warehouse with a dedicated military area. All compatible with the latest industry standards.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems - Requirements defines the requirements of a quality management system for an organisation. The requirements expressed are general in nature and can be implemented by any type of organisation; last revised in September 2015 (ISO 9001:2015). ISO 9001 is the standard of reference for an organisation that intends to plan, implement, monitor and improve both operational and support processes, designing and implementing the quality management system as a means of achieving objectives. The customer and his satisfaction are at the centre of ISO 9001; every activity, application and monitoring of activities/processes is in fact aimed at determining maximum customer (and, if applicable, end-user) satisfaction. The application phases of the standard start with the definition of procedures and records for each individual process or macro process identified within the company organisation.


It goes through all areas of the organisation that include:

  • company management

  • planning

  • marketing

  • product or service design and development

  • sales

  • procurement

  • production or delivery

  • installation

  • service (after sales)

All this with a careful analysis of the company's opportunities, mission definition and corporate vision expressed through the quality policy. A careful control commensurate with the company's reality is carried out on the management of human and instrumental resources. At Takius, we carry out our activities by strictly adhering to the ISO9001:2015 standard, in order to constantly provide products and services that are up to the required standards, remembering our primary objective: to increase our customers' satisfaction.

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Quality Policy

The quality policy of Takius S.r.l. wants to be, before being a working methodology, a way of thinking.

Attention to quality is aimed not only at customer satisfaction, but also at profound respect for the individual, his intelligence and professionalism, in the conviction that work, creative and conscious, is a qualifying dimension of the human experience.

In this context:

  • The QMS must not be a superstructure that cages and constrains, but the formal reference framework of a working style that has as its objectives attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

  • The working methods adopted must aim at the satisfaction of customer expectations through the clear identification of requirements.

  • The logic of 'think, do, check, improve' must be applied to all processes, both those through which products are manufactured for customers and those concerning the organisation itself. Each actor is required to commit to making the system increasingly effective, in the belief that a QMS that is born 'from below' makes everyone participate in its application.

  • It is very important that everyone is aware of the need to apply a logic of continuous improvement, at all levels. In this regard, rather than hierarchical communication, discussion and dialectic within working groups appear useful to raise this awareness.

  • QMS review activities must be constructive moments, to identify possibilities for improvement and to verify the actual suitability of the system to the organisation's needs.

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