Electronic Development

For those working in the Electronic Development field it’s not easy to be leading in innovation. Electronics is a sector in continuous evolution, and being on pair with times means commit to constant application, studying and experimentation in the various fields of electronic technology. Research and development are primary and fundamental factors in our activity, structured with a technical office, laboratories used for experimentation activities with suitable appliances and qualified internal personnel. Upon specific request we can develop research initiatives in exclusivity with the commissioning company and participate to all the productive study activities.

We know that every industrial sector has different needs and issues to considerate. Not everyone has the need to miniaturize electronic or use only latest generation components. Not everyone has the need to develop with microprocessors. Some fields use radiofrequency technology, other infrared, ultrasound or optoelectronics.

Electronic development so, is an activity that requires skills, common sense, knowledge of the specific client needs, reliability, confidentiality.

We use procedures that include:

  • Client needs analysis and spec collection
  • Check of reference regulations
  • Feasibility and budgeting study
  • Software and Hardware development
  • PCB development
  • Materials and components research
  • Prototype realization, sampling, laboratory tests
  • Functional analysis and project validation
  • Productive process development
  • Series production
  • Testing, certification and manuals



Our development methodology, with our strong experience in the fields of electronics, software and management, allows us to perform all the activities necessary to the project execution, following our high quality standards:

  • Specifications draft
  • Project Plan draft
  • Electric schemes and mechanical layouts realization
  • Software and Firmware development
  • Electronic and Electro-mechanical components selection and suppliers follow-up
  • Layout project following security and electromagnetic compatibility standards
  • PCB realization, both mono or multi layer
  • Mechanical and plastic components realization
  • Product documentation draft
  • Certifications


Our twenty years experience in product engineering allows us to realize the PCB with the lowest possible production cost and with component aviability in mind. The project will be handed along with all the technical documentation required (scheme, parts list, gerber, use manual, etc.)
Upon request we can follow the appliance in its process to get eventual certifications (CE, electromagnetic compatibility, etc.)