Printed Circuit Developement

With the help of very advanced CAE/CAD software, Takius develops multiplayer printed circuits using traditional mounting as well as SMT starting from different formats of schematics and netlist, even on paper.
For devices with tangible constructive and assembling difficulties, the client can provide files containing the major mechanical constraints for the PCB development: using this technique electrical and mechanical parts can be developed simultaneously and working prototypes can be obtained in a short time, already optimized in space and cost.

For high-density circuits we can develop double-sided PCBs using blind and buried holes. If necessary we can develop PCBs with controlled impedance and pin-pairs (e.g. bus, differential signals, etc.) or implement coaxial routing.

Particular care is applied in the development of ground and power plans, especially for devices where the tracks inductance creates critical operations like power boards or other high frequency appliances.

Our know-how guarantees the development of printed circuits that completely respect the insulations established by sector regulations and the device’s type classification, and that contain emissions to achieve CE marking. Thanks to verifications and to the applied methodology, the PCBs we realize are producible (DFM) and testable (DFT).

Upon project completion we supply all the technical documentation necessary to complete technical dossiers and specifications.

The components we use are : MCU, CPU, FPGA, RFID, Cellular Engine GSM/GPRS/UMTS/LTE, BLUETOOTH, Wi-Fi, USB, SMARTCARD, SD CARD, GPS, microprocessors for embedded PCs, STPC, etc.

Knowledge of the various component types, from industrial to MIL, all the way to RADHARD for aerospace applications.

Thanks to support from established partners we are able to manage electronic and electro-mechanic component supply to realize prototypes or for mass-production, trough the assembly, functional and reliability test phases.