Bridge and viaduct safety: Takius partners with project “Sentinel”

Takius srl, is supporting ENEA, Anas, and Train Consortium (which includes the University of Salerno and ETT S.p.A.) in a research project called ‘Sentinel’¹. The project aims to test a system used to detect critical and particularly dangerous situations that may occur on viaducts. How? By implementing constant monitoring with fiber-optic-based “smart sensors” capable of measuring weight and speed of passing vehicles. The goal, of course, is to avoid tragedies such as that of the Morandi bridge in Genoa, making use of technologies studied, designed and implemented in synergy.

“With the technology we have developed,” explains engineer Carmine D’Avanzo, technical manager of Takius, “we aim to ensure real-time control of the level of impact that trucks – but we are referring to all heavy vehicles – determine on viaducts and high traffic roads in general. The system, which we have begun to test, makes it possible to verify the weight of passing vehicles by relating it, contextually, to the structure they will have to cross. Clearly, this is to prevent situations of serious danger by avoiding subjecting the structure to unbearable stresses. Not only that, the elaborated system will also make it possible to collect fundamental information to ensure adequate and targeted maintenance of the infrastructure.”

The testing of the Sentinel project includes “a first pilot demonstrator” that will be installed on the A2 highway junction, at a site identified by ANAS at a viaduct on the Campania section.

¹The research project called Sentinel, Intelligent Dynamic Weighing System for Heavy Traffic Management, was funded by MIUR under the 2014-2020 NOP Research and Innovation.

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